Jaguar XF

The XF is Jaguar's large luxury sedan. It's a model that's as much about the back seat experience as it is about the one behind the wheel. The Jaguar XF is available in 180hp, 2.0 diesel; 200hp, 2.0 petrol and 250hp, 2.0 petrol versions. The XF is Jaguar'

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  • KM & timing will be charged from garage to garage.
  • Toll parking taxes etc. will be charged actuals.
  • For out station 700/ driver allownce extra per day will be charged.
  • If vehicle release after 23:30 hrs and before 300 km than per hour rs 700/ will be charged
  • If vehicle release after 23:30 hrs in outstation duty than night hault charge rs 700/ will be charged.
  • For marriage decoration 2000 charged applicable we arrange decoration out siders decoration not allowed
  • Pay 10000 or 50% in advance at the time of booking.
  • 10000/ charge applicable for 8 hrs and 80 km extra km 70/km extra hrs 600/hrs.
  • Product Name-Jaguar XF
  • Model-2020
  • Colour-White